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So many are seeking after the gifts of God to help them in life, ministry and business but they are seeking the wrong thing. You must first learn how the fruit of the spirit is developed in a believer first then the gifts will be handled properly. I will explain this through this post today.

Every believer must begin their Christian journey building a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn’t stop at conversion, that is just the beginning. Your relationship building just starts and continues to grow if you allow it. You have to learn to become one with Crist, this is not some religious stuff I am teaching you today. You must learn and experience that Jesus Christ can become closer than the air you breath. But first you must believe it, and believing comes by hearing the word of God.

Develop A Relationship With Jesus

Developing a close relationship with Jesus Christ cannot be understood by the world and most religious people. This relationship is a supernatural relationship that must be experienced. Once experienced you will never walk away or give up on the Lord. So how does a believer begin, well it starts with surrender. That means surrender your complete self to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to take over your life. It begins with prayer total surrender in prayer. This is a daily time spent with the Lord in private, just you and Him. Yes, it is important to pray with husband or wife, family ect… but you must have a one on one relationship with the Lord privately.

Develop A Relationship With Jesus

This is where you will begin to hear what the Holy Spirit has for your life. The direction He wants to take you in life. This is also where His presence will become very real to you. The presence of Jesus is what every believer should desire more than gifts, calling or anything else. This is where the life begins to change or the “Fruit of the Spirit” is developed.

Are you seeing the process yet? It is so simple yet so many miss this important first step. They think itis all about going to church (going to church is very important but it starts with relationship), starting a ministry or just going to heaven. But the fact is it is all about relationship. Jesus so desires a relationship with His people but sadly so many miss this one point. They become religious and spiritually dead. Many times, these same people become angry, bitter and so much more. Because all they have is a religious experience not a real experience with the Lord.

How the Fruit of The Spirit Is Developed in A Believer

Now that you know the first step in developing the Fruit of the Spirit let’s talk about protecting that relationship. This is a very hard journey to take but it must be done. The journey is protecting your surroundings. One wrong influence can destroy everything that God is doing in your life. Psalms 1:1 – 3 and Eccl 9:18. One sinner can destroy that deep closeness you are building with the Lord. So many don’t understand this because they say “well Jesus hung around sinners” but notice that the sinners that Jesus hung around with were influenced by Him not the other way around.

If you are running with people who do not respect your walk with Christ you may have to separate yourself from them. Don’t let anyone influence you to go against everything you are experiencing with Jesus Christ.

This takes us to finding a good church that believes in building a relationship with Jesus not a religious experience. Today there are so many churches out there that DO NOT allow the Holy Spirit to move as He wills. These churches are dead and only grow because of other religious people with money. They do not grow because of change lives. Find a church where people are being changed, where the Holy Spirit is allowed to move as He wants to.

The last thing to talk about is getting deep in God’s word. Begin to study the deep things of God. That is one of the reasons I write these posts so that you can start to see that there is so much more for the believer who wants to grow deeper and closer with Jesus.

Begin by reading the whole Bible from cover to cover, this way you see the whole picture of why everything has happened. Just remember the whole journey from Genesis to Revelations is all about Jesus, more on this in another post, keep coming back to learn amazing things and secrets of God’s word.