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Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart
Psalm 119:2

I love this verse in the Bible because it really gives you the key to living in victory as a Christian. The last part of the scripture reads “seek him with the whole heart”.

How do you seek Jesus with the whole heart? This is a place of total surrender. Where you desires, wants, mind and dreams all are surrender onto Him and His will for your life.

Every Christian will have to get to this place called total surrender to experience the greatness of God in your life. This is where healing takes place, open doors, financial blessings and so much more will flood your life when you are in total surrender and seeking Him with the whole heart.

There is a place you get to in your walk with Jesus Christ that His presence becomes so real and beautiful. Religious people cannot experience this nor can the world; only those who seek Him with the whole heart in total surrender.

This should be every Christian’s goal as they walk with the Lord Jesus. He is waiting for you to surrender everything to Him today. Just ask Him and He will guide you to complete surrender. What is life without knowing His presence? What is going to church or doing church activities without really knowing the Lord’s presence?

It’s all meaningless unless you really are fellow-shipping with Him and knowing Him personally. It happens in prayer during your private time with Him. Never let your day go by without spending this amazing time with Him and surrendering fresh every day.

Serving Him,
Bold Gospel