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What is the fruit of the Spirit? First let’s understand the fruit of the Spirit is not a thing it is a person. John 15: 1- 5 states that if we abide in Jesus Christ He will abide in us. The fruit of the Spirit is Jesus. He is the source.

When we pray “Lord help us have more of the fruits” we are actually praying let us have more of you Lord Jesus. As your relationship develops and deepens with Jesus the fruits are natural, and as long as you stay in His presence the fruits will always be present in you.

4 Ways to Keep the Fruit Strong In Your Life

  1. Create a relationship with the Lord and seek Him with all your heart
  2. Stay away from wrong influences
  3. Planted in the right church
  4. Daily prayer and daily reading of the word

4 Ways to Keep the Fruits Strong In Your Life

Notice the Bible says the FRUIT of the Spirit. Fruit singular not fruits. Gal 5:22, 23 There are 9 graces but only one fruit.

  1. Love – This fruit only the Holy Spirit can reveal to your heart.
  2. Joy – This is true joy not the joy experienced when good things happen in life. This is a supernatural joy that can only be experienced by a born-again Christian.
  3. Peace – This is something that cannot be explained but only experience. Jesus is that prince of peace.
  4. Longsuffering – This is a fruit that is developed in us to handle others. We need longsuffering today more than ever, with all the craziness going on in the world. Notice this is not longsuffering towards God, He is longsuffering towards us.
  5. Gentleness – This is a fruit that all of us need every day, it is a gentleness towards others even our enemies.
  6. Goodness – We are commanded to live in goodness Rom 15:14
  7. Faith – This fruit is developed by love Gal 5:6. This is not the gift of Faith but the fruit of faith. The gift of faith can move mountains but the fruit of faith can move God.
  8. Meekness – This fruit means to be totally delivered from selfishness. It is not weakness but controlled strength.
  9. Temperance – This is self -control, not wildness like you see everywhere today in the world. People have no self-control even grown-ups.

We as believers must seek after Jesus and the fruits will become ours. We don’t seek the gifts we seek Jesus and the fruits will be developed in your life and you will see a major change over a period of time. Too many in the church seek after the gifts because of the power and financial gain that can come with gifts and talents. But you must seek the presence of Jesus and the fruits be developed in you and then the gifts will come naturally.

What a day we are living in with such darkness and uncertainty. This is the time to seek the Lord with all your heart and mind. Once you learn this and begin to practice it you will see the fruit of the Spirit become a part of you. Then one day you will be able to look back on your life and not even recognize the person you have become.