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What a day to serve the Lord Jesus Christ! Look around you at all the darkness in the world yet at the same time there is a light…a bright light, and His name is Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that the Lord will touch many through this website. I pray that Jesus would touch each and every reader and visitor of this website. Today we have such great tools to use for serving the Lord like Twitter, Facebook and so much more. I believe we will see great things happen for God’s people in the coming years. Get ready for something is brewing in the atmosphere!

We have seen great darkness and tribulation in the past few years within the body of Christ. Great ministers have become sick and some falsely accused and others have given up. But I have news for the body of Christ. The days of Glory are about to begin like we have never seen before in the history of the Church. Always remember something… the greater the darkness the greater the Glory of God will fall. That’s what is about to happen in the next few years. In all reality it has already begun…look at the revival in Niagara where sometimes millions are attending a service. MILLIONS AT ONE SERVICE and being healed and saved by the power of Jesus Christ. Can you image if that was happening here in the United States. I believe it will be happening soon.

So I just wanted to welcome you to the website and hope that you are blessed with everything God is doing through Bold Gospel. I dedicate this website to the Lord Jesus and pray He does great things with it.

A Few Things to Look For On This Website;

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Serving Him,
Bold Gospel