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We serve a mighty God, a God without limits, a God without end and a powerful God. His name is Jesus Christ. I feel so strong about this message on the unforgivable sin that I need to write it down and share it with all my followers today.

In Matthew 9:32, 33 the Bible declares that the people brought to Jesus a dumb man possessed with a devil and Jesus cast this demon out of the man. The people who were there when it took place were amazed at what just happened and questioned has this power ever been seen before. It was such a powerful miracle that many couldn’t believe what just happened.

There also was the religious Pharisees and they also seen this power and declared that the power Jesus Christ was operating in is the power of the devil. Now by saying this they have sealed their internal fate in hell, because you cannot give satan glory for what the Holy Spirit is doing. Even today there are spiritually dead men/women who have the same demon spirit in them and give glory to satan for what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Look at Matthew 12:24 Here the Pharisees again give glory to satan for the power of the Holy Spirit working through Jesus Christ. But this time Jesus makes it very clear that this is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit Matthew 12: 31, 32.

Many today see a preacher casting out demons or working of miracles which is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and say that is of the devil. These people who say such things about the power of God shows two things about them.

  1. They are spiritually dead inside. They have not the Spirit of God
  2. They are condemned for all of eternity in hell. (Matt 12:32)

Jesus said in John 14:12 greater works shall we do. This is hard to believe but nothing is impossible to God, He works through His people who believe and healings, deliverance and much more take place.

So when you see a preacher that is giving glory to no one but Jesus Christ and souls are being saved you don’t want to give satan glory for what God is doing through him even if amazing miracles are happening in that service. It’s better to walk away and not go back to see that man/women of God.

Now I believe a true believer will never say that ministry or that man/women of God is doing the work of satan if souls are being saved and Jesus is being glorified, but there are those who call themselves Christians but are spiritually dead inside. These people are very dangerous to be around, for they have a form of Godliness but deny the power of God. They are dead to the things of the Spirit of God.

Their life becomes so miserable that they begin to attack the Church of Jesus Christ “the believers” and if they do not turn from their ways they will begin to give satan credit for what the Holy Spirit is doing through some men/women of God.

I believe this message is so important right now because we are heading into days where the power of God is going to be so great that miracles will shock the world. But just like in the days of Jesus and the disciples there will be those who are influenced by devils but say they are Christians and will be able to quote the Bible just as good as some Spirit filled believers.

3 Ways to recognize that the Holy Spirit is the one doing the miracles through a man/women of God.

  1. They will always give Jesus Christ the glory. No devil is going to glorify Jesus Christ, never forget that.
  2. The miracle is to change lives. (healing, deliverance and people being touched by the power of the Holy Spirit)
  3. Souls will be saved.  Satan can never convict people of their sins only the Holy Spirit does that.

When these things are happening and still someone comes and says this is the power of satan that person has signed their eternal designation in hell. For all blasphemies will be forgiven but not the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. (Matt 12:31, 32)


Serving Him,
Bold Gospel